SharePoint Online- Create a new Home Site in an existing tenant. Spoiler- its not available yet.

This week at #MSIgnite, there has been a lot of talk about Home Sites. This was released a few months back as a PowerShell command to transform any modern communication site collection into the O365 SharePoint Online landing page for your organization. More can be read here: SharePoint home sites are the landing sites … Read more

SharePoint Online – Change the Look- Classic vs. Modern

I recently created a Microsoft Office 365 development environment via I was creating an environment to do some SharePoint Modern theming (I created a new Communication Site via the modern Admin interface on my new tenant), but noticed the classic (rather the older) Change the Look interface: However, on existing client’s tenants, I noticed … Read more

SharePoint Online Communication site – How to share with external users

I had an issue where when I tried to share my SharePoint Online Communication Site with an external user, I received an error: Your organization’s policies don’t allow you to share with these users. Go to External Sharing in the Office 365 admin center to enable it. But when I went to my O365 tenant, … Read more

SharePoint Online blog site- How to edit the homepage

Problem After about a week of troubleshooting the classic SharePoint Online blog subsite template (BLOG#0), I was FINALLY able to figure out why I could not edit the homepage. Solution: There is a site feature called “Site Pages” that needs to be activated. Once activated, you can edit the blog homepage (assuming you have permissions). … Read more

SharePoint Online- Enable New Modern experience on root site collection

UPDATE 9/27/2019- Microsoft this month is releasing a way to “Swap” sites. So create a new modern site collection, then swap it with the root. Invoke-SPOSiteSwap If the target is the root site at, then the following preparation activities should be performed prior to performing the swap: Any Featured links defined in SharePoint Start … Read more