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SharePoint Online blog site- How to edit the homepage


After about a week of troubleshooting the classic SharePoint Online blog subsite template (BLOG#0), I was FINALLY able to figure out why I could not edit the homepage.


There is a site feature called “Site Pages” that needs to be activated. Once activated, you can edit the blog homepage (assuming you have permissions).

Figure 1- Activate the Site Pages feature on your Blog Site in SharePoint Online. Now you can edit the blog homepage!

Figure 2- SharePoint Online Blog Site Edit button fixed


Figure 3- The SharePoint Online Classic Blog template is now editable for the homepage. The About this blog image can be removed.

I was lucky to run across this when troubleshooting why a modern SPFx extension would not show on a classic homepage.

Hope this helps!

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4 thoughts on “SharePoint Online blog site- How to edit the homepage”

  1. Hi Eric,

    could you confirm if this still works? I just tried the same on a blog site and activated the site pages feature but still no edit site button. Using Office 365 SharePoint Online blog site. ItÄs a subsite from a MS Teams.
    kind regards

    1. Strange, I just checked a new tenant and I could not edit a blog homepage when matching every root site/site collection feature as well as the blog subsite feature. However, the old blog site I created when writing this article still allows me to edit the homepage.

      1. I just created a new Blog site collection directly in SharePoint admin center. Suddenly I could edit again. I didn’t even have to activate anything.
        It seems that MS Teams blog subsite do not work.

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