SharePoint Online – Change the Look- Classic vs. Modern

I recently created a Microsoft Office 365 development environment via

I was creating an environment to do some SharePoint Modern theming (I created a new Communication Site via the modern Admin interface on my new tenant), but noticed the classic (rather the older) Change the Look interface:

However, on existing client’s tenants, I noticed Change the Look was the modern (or updated) version with the Header, Footer, Theme, and Navigation options:

While reading this article on the Change the Look, I saw the part mentioning Targeted Release:

So, you must use the First Release option. How to set First Release:

To set First Release, go to the Office 365 Admin portal and Edit your Release preferences:

Set it from “Standard release” to “Targeted release for everyone” (or selected users if you want):

I believe you must wait a while for the changes to take place. Today is Saturday afternoon, and I will check back Monday.

Update- Its Monday morning (2 days later) and when I checked my new DEV tenant, the Change the Look panel updated to the newest options:


Hope this helps!

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