SharePoint Online- Bad service principal breaks SharePoint Admin API Access “Global Service Principal ID Error: Error: {}” Resolved

Could not retrieve Global Service Principal ID Error

We recently ran into an issue when creating SPFX Azure Active Directory App registrations using an O-Auth Implicit flow that our SharePoint Admin Center API Access page then gave an error: Could not retrieve Global Service Principal ID Error: Error: {} And when using O365 CLI, I was getting the same error trying to add … Read more

Updating Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise

Yesterday I noticed a release (VS 2017 Update 6) was released, but my Visual Studio was still running Update 3: The newest update is version 15.6. While reading how to update Visual Studio, the article mentioned Visual Studio Installer. So I launched Visual Studio Installer and clicked “Update“. Note, the installer did not tell … Read more

Create a SPFx web part to display SharePoint list data based on locale and Graph API data

This is an example of how I used the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) to create a modern page/modern experience web part that shows SharePoint list data based on a user’s Language/Locale/Country and some other user profile information from Azure Active Directory using the Graph API. We onboard guest users using Azure AD B2B to our SharePoint … Read more

Visual Studio requires a ScriptManager reference to compile Ajax enabled solution

The Problem Visual Studio requires a ScriptManager to compile a Ajax enabled solution for a SharePoint web part. Visual Studio Error on compile says: Solution.cs: (Build Error) Error    1    The type or namespace name ‘ScriptManager’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)    C:\…\Solution.cs     The Solution: A Reference dll is … Read more

Page Titles disappear after Ajax event

SharePoint page titles when using Ajax may turn to square icons. This is the rendering of the title tag in the masterpage, or where the page title is specified. Put the title tag on one line! That’s it! No need for JavaScript or anything else when using Ajax on a page! Just edit the CORRECT masterpage, (For Publishing Portal, the default is BlueBand.master, for Team and Collaboration sites, it’s Default.master)