Updating Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise

Yesterday I noticed a release (VS 2017 Update 6) was released, but my Visual Studio was still running Update 3: The newest update is version 15.6. While reading how to update Visual Studio, the article mentioned Visual Studio Installer. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/install/update-visual-studio So I launched Visual Studio Installer and clicked “Update“. Note, the installer did not tell … Read more

Create a SPFx web part to display SharePoint list data based on locale and Graph API data

This is an example of how I used the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) to create a modern page/modern experience web part that shows SharePoint list data based on a user’s Language/Locale/Country and some other user profile information from Azure Active Directory using the Graph API. We onboard guest users using Azure AD B2B to our SharePoint … Read more