Android Xamarin App- Sign your app using a keystore in a Release Pipeline

To sign your Xamarin Android app using Visual Studio, you can use the keystore setings in the project properties. This will generate a jks file for Windows.

See Compile steps:

Then continue to these steps to export the JKS file:

Once you export the app, you can copy the file: C:\Users\EricSchrader\AppData\Local\Xamarin\Mono for Android\Keystore\DevOps

android xamarin keystore file


Click Secure Files in Azure DevOps pipeline for your project:

azure devops secure file tab

Select your keystore file

pick keystore file

Now you can upload the keystore file to Azure DevOps Pipeline:

keystore secure file uploaded

Then you can update the build pipeline to use the keystore file and password (password stored in Library variable for security)

add build with keystore


Then simply run the build and grant access to the Variables group.

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