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SharePoint 2013 On-Premise App Store Configuration

The SharePoint 2013 March Public Update requires additional configuration steps to complete a SharePoint App Store deployment. In this article, "Enable apps in AAM or host-header environments for SharePoint 2013", The additonal steps are indicated. New-SPWebApplicationAppDomain $contentService = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService]::ContentService $contentService.SupportMultipleAppDomains = $true $contentService.Update() Iisreset

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SharePoint 2013 – Common Installation Issues

With SharePoint 2013, I have had a lot of installation issues. I will cover the latest issues I have ran into. This post does not enforce the Least Privlages security practice, but it can easily be adapted to for other environments. This post was for standing up a development environment. After a long battle of getting… Continue reading SharePoint 2013 – Common Installation Issues

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SharePoint 2010 Caching options

These are a few notes from Designing a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Infrastructure PDF. (Page's 3-30 and 3-31) There are 3 different types of caching options in SharePoint 2010. Two of these require publishing features. (page) Output Caching Setting this to as small as 60 seconds can make a big difference on WFE servers load Page… Continue reading SharePoint 2010 Caching options

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Microsoft SharePoint Hyper-V virtual machine DNS fix

After downloading the MS SharePoint preconfigured VM (demo2010a and demo2010b), I started them up on my network and noticed they would not load the SharePoint sites. Here is the VM I downloaded from Microsoft: 2010 Information Worker Demonstration and Evaluation Virtual Machine (RTM): After trying the site in the Demo2010A machines internet browser… Continue reading Microsoft SharePoint Hyper-V virtual machine DNS fix