Android Xamarin App- Sign your app using a keystore in a Release Pipeline

keystore secure file uploaded

To sign your Xamarin Android app using Visual Studio, you can use the keystore setings in the project properties. This will generate a jks file for Windows. See Compile steps: Then continue to these steps to export the JKS file: Once you export the app, you can copy the file: C:\Users\EricSchrader\AppData\Local\Xamarin\Mono for Android\Keystore\DevOps … Read more

Azure App Center- Android Xamarin test run error on Windows fix

Microsoft Azure App Center appcenter test run uitest

There are quite a few steps to run apps on the App Center while configuring Test Runs in Xamarin. First, install the following: Android SDK Visual Studio 2019 with the Xamarin addon in the Visual Studio Installer: Java SDK Once everything was installed, I restarted my command prompt, opened my Xamarin Android app … Read more

How to generate a sample data test file using PowerShell

5gb sharepoint drag and drop

Using PowerShell, you can quickly create a test file on your computer. I use these for testing SharePoint attachment upload sizes. You can generate files in mb, gb, etc. easily. This example generates a 5gb test file inĀ  C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Local\Temp called testfile.txt $path = “$env:temp\testfile.txt” $file = [io.file]::Create($path) $file.SetLength(5gb) $file.Close() Get-Item $path Example of the above … Read more

SharePoint Online- Bad service principal breaks SharePoint Admin API Access “Global Service Principal ID Error: Error: {}” Resolved

Could not retrieve Global Service Principal ID Error

We recently ran into an issue when creating SPFX Azure Active Directory App registrations using an O-Auth Implicit flow that our SharePoint Admin Center API Access page then gave an error: Could not retrieve Global Service Principal ID Error: Error: {} And when using O365 CLI, I was getting the same error trying to add … Read more

SharePoint Online- Create a new Home Site in an existing tenant. Spoiler- its not available yet.

This week at #MSIgnite, there has been a lot of talk about Home Sites. This was released a few months back as a PowerShell command to transform any modern communication site collection into the O365 SharePoint Online landing page for your organization. More can be read here: SharePoint home sites are the landing sites … Read more

Microsoft Teams cloud phone system and Skype for Business deployment

Our VoIP solution here at the office was previously Ooma. They are great, and rarely did we have issues with their service. However, we wanted to consolidate our VoIP phonelines with Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams. So here is the process of how we ported the numbers. I believe this article is unique because I do … Read more